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👀 Code search

With this feature, you will be able to search for :

  • The state of the art at BAM in terms of librairies and good practices
  • Examples of implementation for specific features
  • Documentation from other projects

All this without leaving the comfort of your VSCode 🛋️

You will find here explanations on how to do this in a few steps:

With the VS Code extension

  • Open VSCode
  • 2 options are available :
    • ✨ You want to search for examples for a new component :
      • ⌘ + ⇧ + P

        ⇒ aim33 : Open Code search panel

      • A panel will open with a search bar

      • Type in what you are looking for.

      • Here are a few examples of what you can type for :


        How to configure a translation system?

        regex to validate an email


    • 👯‍♂️ You want to search for code that looks like yours
      • Select the code in question

      • ⌘ + ⇧ + P

        ⇒ aim33 : Open Code search panel

      • Done ✅

With the website

  • Open the website
  • Login
  • Go to the “search” page

Add Projects to the database

🧬 When adding a project to the database, the only action which will be done is to clone this project on our exoscale server.

❌ No writing or modification of any sort will be performed.

📍 Moreover, everything is done on our exoscale server, nothing will be sent to another company.

🔐 Finally, only the persons who you have authorized will see your project in the results of the search.

In order to have more data in your results, it is possible to add current or past projects to your personnal database :

  • The Tech Lead or EM of the project has to create a team : to do this go to the website in the Teams tab (
  • The members of the team have to be added to the project in the edit menu of the team. Each member has specific permissions
  • A member of the team with the right permissions can then add the project
  • Go to Github > Settings > Developper Settings > Personal Access Token
    • 2 possibilities :
      • Create a classic access token you need to give the “repo” access to the token. This gives reading and writing access but only the read will be used, you can also delete this token once the project has been uploaded directly from github
      • Create a Fine-grained access token (beta) If you want to give specific access to the app, you can select a fine-grained token, however, this only works for projects for which you have admin rights
    • Copy paste this token to the “Account” tab of the website
    • Go to your “Teams” tab and go to the edit menu of your team
    • Copy-paste your project’s https url
    • Click on add
    • ✅ Done